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Name: Jen Lynette

Nicknames: Tree-hugger, Plant-freak, Auntie Jen(by her cousin's son), and 'slim'

Age: 15-16

D.O.B: February 23rd, 1899 (She's a few weeks younger than Edward)

Place of Birth: Abelena Island, Amestris

Residence: She lives in a huge house won by her Grandma Tracy in her gambling days. Half of the house was turned into an Inn (The Tracy Inn). When she's off training with her alchemy teacher, she stays in their mansion in Central City.

Occupation: Alchemy apprentice and Inn keeper


-Went to basic grammar school
-Was later homeschooled by her mom
-Became an alchemy apprentice at age 10


Height: 5'2" (age 15), 5'4" (age 16)

Hair: Curly, brown, goes down to her shoulders
-Usually wears it in a high ponytail, otherwise it's just left down.

Eyes: Dark Blue

Skin: Pale

Body type: As a young girl she was a tomboy, climbing trees and sharing her brother's clothes. Her curves, along with her boobs, failed to sprout until she's about to turn 16. She has a banana shaped body, with long legs, toned arms, and an athletic build overall.

Style: Wearing girly clothes always seemed pointless since she spent most of her time outdoors and up to her knees in nature. She sticks to wearing jeans and T-shirts- sporty gear that suits her athletic frame. Skirts and dresses seemed to always hang off of her. Jen's used to wearing dark colors like blues and greens, but starts to wear brighter colors as she gets older. She also begins to wear more feminine clothing when she turns 16, like dresses and skirts, and even heels. She objects to ever wearing pink though.

>>Accessories: Beaded bracelets, chain necklaces, (she pierces her ears when she turns 18).

>>Marks/Scars/Tattoos: None.


>Allen Lynette (Father) (1869)

Allen is a State Alchemist(doctor) in the Amestrian military; a.k.a. the 'Sage Alchemist'. With his medical knowledge, he was able to create an herb-based alchemy capable of healing wounds using medicinal plants. He's a family-oriented man set on protecting his children from the world of alchemy and war, so he forbids them from learning the science. Allen decides to retire from the military after he joins his fellow soldiers in the Ishballan Civil War.

>Tess Lynette (Mother) (1874)

Tess is a school teacher on Abelena Island, and has always loved younger children. When she marries Allen, she becomes a part of the Lynette family, and is happy to home-school her children. She supports her husband very much, knowing how hard he struggles to keep his family from becoming involved in alchemy and the military. She loves Allen's side of the family more than anything in the world, as well as Tracy and the island.

>Dale Lynette (Older Brother) (1894)

Dale's always loved his younger sister, even during her rebellious stage when she'd steal and wear his clothes. After a trip to Resembool and hearing about the Rockbell couple, Dale is determined to become a doctor. He moves to Central and works at the local hospital for many years. Dale's secret goal is also to propose to a young woman back in Resembool.

>Dana Lynette/Bellamy (Allen's younger sister, Jen's Aunt) (1870)

Dana is known as the 'Spirit of the Island'. She adores Abelena, and was devoted to strengthening the bonds between the islanders and her family. Her devotion made her popular with the island's citizens. She made sure to know every person living and visiting the island, being kind and cheerful; she was always encouraging and influential to everyone around her. She has a deep love for gardening, and was the first to teach Jen how to plant and tend to flowers.

>Brent Bellamy (Dana's Husband, Jen's Uncle) (1869)

Brent is the complete opposite of his wife. More conservative and less open to others; including his family. He was a tourist visiting the island who'd ended up falling in love and staying- with Dana, and Abelena. Brent isn't as optimistic about allowing outsiders on the island like Dana is, but takes her lead and does his best to preserve his wife's ideals.

>Linda Bellamy/Camerlin (Oldest Cousin) (1894)

Linda is the eldest daughter of Dana and Brent Bellamy. She marries an island native; a repair man named Gregory Camerlin, and has a child named Trent at 18 years old(1912). Her father of course, was completely against their relationship, believing that she was much too young and immature. Linda, tenacious and spunky, disobeys him and marries Greg anyways. She tries to rebuild her relationship with her father by naming her son 'Trent', and even continuing to live at the Tracy Inn with her family. She opens up her own clothing boutique on the island, and loves to tease the tourists by being flirtatious.

>Kevin Bellamy (Cousin) (1896)

A.K.A. "prickly Kevin". Kevin is a very talented chef that works at his family's Inn. Like his father, Kevin isn't as open about his feelings like his mother or two sisters and can be very irritable and impatient. He holds a close resemblance to his father, and has found it particularly difficult to adjust to the new faces that arrive on the island every day. He often teases his cousin Jen, calling her "the black sheep of the family", considering she's the only family member with an interest in alchemy. Kevin likes to refer to himself as 'the only strong man that can pull off wearing an apron'.

>Meera Bellamy (Cousin) (1899)

Meera and Jen grew up particularly close to each other. When her cousin attempts anything reckless, she is often the voice of reasoning in the situation. She's a calm girl who loves to go swimming, and spending time with children. Meera hopes to become a school teacher someday like her Aunt Tess, so when given the opportunity, she volunteers at the school where Tess used to teach. When she isn't training to become a teacher, Meera is at home, caring to the guests at the Tracy Inn, or having fun with her friends.

>Tracy Lynette (Allen and Dana's mother, Grandmother) (1851)

When she was younger, Tracy traveled to Abelena island, gambling and winning ownership of the land. She decides to turn half of her new house into an Inn, hoping to create close bonds with herself and new islanders. Tracy has her only two children with a man that she ends up divorcing, after realizing he'd only wanted to be with her for the wealth and the deed of the island. She never tells Allen and Dana who their father's name is or so much as show them a picture of him, so he remains unknown. But she's often mentioned him to her grandchildren as "A red-haired, brown-eyed, no-good devil".

Tracy is a charismatic woman, who decides to travel after her daughter is the first to marry. She would bring many gifts from her travels, and absolutely loves to spoil her grandchildren.



Jen's undoubtedly the classic tomboy. As a child, she'd exhibit highly masculine behavior, and would prefer to socialize and compete with boys- resulting in her now competitive personality. Another trait of her's is her assertiveness: she isn't afraid to stand up for herself or for anybody else in need of defending. She's normally very easy-going and calm, but finds it difficult to be honest sometimes so she tends to keep her true feelings to herself. When faced with a challenge, she's headstrong and rebellious; usually too stubborn to take no for an answer. She hates to be wrong, however, and can be as sassy as a firecracker in debates or arguments. She can have a very vibrant personality when pissed off; opinionated, sarcastic, and cold.


» Animals and nature
» Tulips
» Swimming
» Sweet foods
» Visiting Libraries
» Babies, young children
» Having fun
» Exercising


» Cooking
» The color pink (at first)
» Skirts and dresses (at first)
» Being ordered around
» Harm towards animals
» Hot and humid days
» Being unable to help someone
» Being teased
» People messing with her plants


» Spiders
» Losing her family
» Not being strong/good enough
» The unknown


» Reading mystery novels
» Jogging
» Learning how to cook (and failing)
» Gardening
» Going hiking
» Playing with children
» Polishing up on her fighting skills


» To become a much better State Alchemist than her father was
» Helping Edward and Alphonse get their bodies back
» Ending family disputes, and bringing everyone together again


- She's very reliable, and is quite the multi-tasker.
- She hates seeing others unhappy, so she loves cheering them up and joking around.
- She tries her best in anything she does.
- Her optimism is contagious.
- She's very family-oriented, and only kind to those who are kind back.


- She struggles in voicing her true thoughts and feelings.
- Uncontrollably protective of her family and can be easily frightened of their involvement in situations.
- When she's focused on something, she often forgets everything else.
- She overworks herself without even realizing it.
- With no herbs around or materials to make alchemy circles, she's unable to use her healing alchemy.

:bulletblue:Alchemic Abilities:
Herb-based alchemy. Determining how the body normally repairs itself, Jen's alchemy encourages a wounded or diseased site to repair itself by using medicinal plants as the amplifier. For example, if she had to heal a cut, she'd only be able to use herbs meant specifically to help heal that cut, and not, for instance, a plant that's mostly used for making tea. (But if that plant is meant to make tea and heal wounds as well, than it's acceptable) . If her alchemy is used immediately after an injury, it can reduce healing time by half.

Jen's against healing wounds without herbs because she knows that without them, she'd either have to use her own life energy (which shortens her life span), or use a red stone like Tim Marcoh uses. She strongly believes that herbal healing can grant your body a higher ability to heal or rejuvenate itself in a healthier way.
Her alchemy can't work miracles-She can't heal broken bones or replace vital organs with her alchemy; seeing as that would be crossing the line of human transmutation. Jen's still a bit of an amateur in healing complicated injuries, and gets tired easily when using too much of her energy.

:bulletblue:Fun Facts:

- She always leaves her bedroom window open before going to bed.
- She heals all her scars with her alchemy, so that it looks like she's never gotten hurt.
- She likes to rely on nature for everything (lol hippy).
- She talks in her sleep.
- She can eat up to 4 slices of pizza when she's super hungry.
- She thinks snakes are actually pretty cute.


Jen was born in Abelena, the island that her family owns in Amestris. She's the second child of Allen and Tess Lynette. Her father was a State Alchemist/doctor in the military known as 'Sage', and her mother a school teacher on the island. Jen grew up to be a very tomboyish and rebellious girl. Her father's alchemic abilities inspired her to learn the science as well, but he'd forbid it. He didn't want either of his children becoming involved in the science; knowing that there was a much more dangerous and darker side to it's supposed miracles.

Jen only became more infuriated with her father after discovering he'd taken in a female apprentice- the daughter of his subordinate and closest friend. She became more determined than ever to learn alchemy. Allen decides to retire from the military and become a full-time doctor after coming back from the Ishballan Civil War.

At age 10, Jen's family takes a trip to Resembool, the hometown of a surgeon couple her father had befriended in the war. They ended up staying the entire summer at the Rockbell household, and becoming good friends with them and the Elrics. Jen becomes especially close to the Elric brothers, who were extremely knowledgeable of alchemy. She was very jealous of them and how supportive their mother was. Edward became angry with Jen's father, not believing that such a kind and funny man would actually forbid his own daughter from learning alchemy. He and Alphonse played with her the entire summer, and would secretly teach her alchemy from their books.

By the end of the summer, the Lynettes give their sad farewells, inviting both families to visit them in Abelena next summer before departing. Later that year, everything changes. Her Aunt Dana is murdered in cold blood and her father is the only culprit to the crime. This shatters the close-knit family, and leaves the entire island devastated. The family never recovers from the tragedy- Brent especially. He practically abandons his family to walk the island on his own every day. There is nobody to stop her from learning alchemy now.

Jen begs her father's apprentice to become her alchemy teacher. She wasn't about to let her father's herbal alchemy go down with him. She would join the military and become a state alchemist much stronger and knowledgeable than her father ever was.

Right before her 15th birthday, she reunites with the Elric brothers, and is overcome with the desire to do everything she could to get her old friend's bodies back. The status of her family seemed insignificant compared to the hell her friends faced.

At age 18, Jen is restless. She discovers a way to go through the Gate, and finds her way to Germany. She and Edward marry and have four children together.

I think I spent the most time in the family section-.-" Anyways, I'm finished*dies*

Any questions? Just ask, I'd be happy to answer.=)

Jen Lynette(C):iconcookiemotel94:
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