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Froggies by cookiemotel94 Froggies by cookiemotel94
Dale thought mom and dad would appreciate his catch. Daddy Allen is impressed, but mama Tess- not so much <D (Yes, she's preggers with Jen at the moment. About to pop, actually xD)

Inspired by my mom who totally flipped the frick out when she found a salamander in her garden last week xDDD Happy Mother's Day! =]

Oc's & artwork(C) :iconcookiemotel94:
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Sonja-from-Finland Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014
This is really cute. That is such a little kid thing to do. Most kids do probably bring much grosser stuff to show to their parents at that age so Tess should just be glad it's only frogs. I like the summerness of the picture. They all wear clothes that don't look like they would be sweating to death in nor are they almost naked either. It seems like those are the two extremes used in summer related pictures.

Both Dale and Tess are really cute in this. It looks like it's a scene from some real anime, since the reactions and expressions are not too over the top but neither are they too subtle like some fanart makes it. You are actually very good mimicking anime reactions, so your pics definately look like they are actually scenes from the anime.

No wonder older Tess has short hair. She probably got tired of brushing such long and curly hair, especially since it seems to be really thick as well. I actually have almost as long hair and it's curly as well, so I sometimes feel like I really need to just cut it all off, but then I really want to have long hair especially since I have been growing it since I were 14 (I turn 24 at the end of this year). I like that both Tess and Jen have curly hair but it actually looks like it's really hard to manage with all those strands sticking out etc. My hair never stays neat so that's definately a realistic aspect to their hair. Lot of the curly haired ocs have too neat hair so it doesn't look like naturally curly hair but more of straight hair that was curled. There are some, but not that many, ocs who manage it as well as yours. Do you have naturally curly hair yourself? Because usually only those people understand how difficult it's to manage.
saleahvanwyk Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
so cute and awesome

thekerbalflyer Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013   Photographer
She looks so freaked out that in about two seconds she looks like she's going to say: "I think my water just broke." XD
Bokkon Featured By Owner May 19, 2013
the background caught my eye, witch made me wonder, what did Jen childhood home look like? If you could make one

And i really love the picture, So Cute~
cookiemotel94 Featured By Owner May 22, 2013
Oh, I forgot to mention that they're at their beach house :"D I should get around to drawing her home~ And thank you! :3
screwinon Featured By Owner May 13, 2013
That's sum preggers. :I
SiAnaithnid Featured By Owner May 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ha, cute! And damn, Tess is super pregnant. I wonder if this little scare will send her into contractions right then!
Avera-of-Light Featured By Owner May 12, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
LOL Awe, Tess!~ xD
Maybethat'swhenherwaterbreaksfromseeingthefrog-- x'DD

This is absolutely lovely! Beautifuuuuuuuuuuul~ x3
TheLostOctober Featured By Owner May 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
such a precious piece
SakuraNakamura Featured By Owner May 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
lol Aww!
FullMetalWing Featured By Owner May 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Omg I really like it sweet drawing nice work ^^
KannaAsa Featured By Owner May 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Warning: Scared pregnant Wife! Hand all your Frogs over! Now!
XD This is great, i see some similarities to my mother XD
cookiemotel94 Featured By Owner May 12, 2013
Haha, thank you! xD It's not good to scare pregnant women. Naughty Dale
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