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February 5, 2012
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"I finished it!!!":icononiskiplz:

I am happy to present to you: Jen, my FMA oc!

Free time is so great! I've been managing my time wisely and I'm so flippin happy to have finally finished this meme~!;__; It was a project months in the work too blah>A<''''''

Don't be shy! Let me know what you think! It took me forever to finish this!:iconrelievedplz:

Yay for descriptions!>3<

Age 4: Oh, the simple life~xD Peaceful days with the family on Abelena island. She'd often think they lived in an ocean- because the lake seemed so big to her lol. Which would explain the octopus and mermaid. And that's a hot air balloon, and Grandma Tracy apparently in it:XD: The island's well known for the hot air balloons, so during the summer you'd see a whole bunch of them taking over the sky- it's a very pretty sight and one of Jen's favorite memories growing up=)

Age 7: I was procrastinating on whether to draw age 7 or not. Especially because 7 and 9 are such close ages to each other, but I felt that it was an important time frame to share because it was the turning point in her life:giggle: So I'm sure many of you already know that she hates pink- and for good reason too lol. Her mom would shower her in it, and spoil her with dresses and bows. So understandably, she got sick of it all. Let the rebellion begin!:XD:

Age 9:"We're not gonna take it...Anymore~♪" Oh, Tess, it just did not go your way^^; With her rowdy attitude, and her brother's hand-me-downs, Jen would be often mistaken for a boy. After school she and her friends would disappear into the woods for hours; capturing frogs to take home, climbing trees and digging for worms. She was such a little tomboy. Her dad not letting her learn alchemy also contributed to her rebelliousness. She loved her dad and his plant alchemy- she wanted to be just like him! So for him to tell her he wouldn't let her learn it was like a big slap to the face. Ouch.

Age 15: And she finally grows her hair out=) Alchemy was the only thing on the brain. She's been Sydney's apprentice for 5 years now but still can't control the amount of energy she puts into healing wounds, so she loses her stamina quickly. She's also pretty rusty on her fighting skills, and insists she gets more training in fighting. But Syd- being the State Alchemist that she is- continues to teach her defensive techniques. And of course, after meeting those Elric brothers, she's forced to face a much more harsher and crueler reality *sobs*.

Age 18: The Shamballa time frame~ Oh how the times change... Well, she's finally begun to wear skirts and dresses (It has nothing to do with a certain blond haired state alchemist!;)). With the beansprout out of the way (and not there to distract her;_; ) she was finally successful in mastering her dad's herbal alchemy.:dance: The military- aware of her relations to the Elrics, her dad, and most important of all her skills- invited her to become a State Alchemist. But having experienced everything that she did with Ed and Al- she refuses. She preferred staying home on Abelena to heal those that needed it and to tend to her gardening. But even staying occupied with what she loved most in the world couldn't make her happy- not this time. Something (or someone) was missing.

Age 23: Her stubbornness got to her!:XD: (Still working on how she'll get across the Gate lol, not sure as of yet^^;) She took the first step to be with him, but Ed made the first move:iconhurrplz::heart: So I'll give him props for that:p Poor girl went to Germany at the wrong time. Ed and Al were traveling (to find the uranium bomb if I recall correctly...) and she had to wait a year before they returned from their trip. Plenty of time to learn German and grow out her hair~ Omg, and the Gate is still open! Oh the possibilities~~~~:giggle:

I can babble on for hours but I don't think I'd be able to stop^^; Tell me what you think! Hope you like! Bye bye!=)


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Jennikey23 Dec 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Cool one! i love Jen :heart:
PepperPeck Sep 29, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Woot ! :shout:  awesome ! I love the steady continuity of your character throughout her different ages !
I'll think I'll just do one of my own, he he he 
Meow :3 
I read the last sentence on 23 years old, and I FREAKED!!!! 
Absolutely love your art! It looks almost straight out of the anime!

Jen's expression at seven being forced to wear the pink girly girl stuff is adorable and hilarious!

The last frame, she looks perfect for the Shambala movie! Makes me think a little bit of Noa. I wonder what Jen would think of 1920s Munich... Probably not all that pleasent...
gingerhighlandergirl Mar 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
please tell me you've made a fanfic for these crazy love birds!!
Alex369 Jan 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Is there a story with her or something. I've found so many pictures with her and Ed but no story. Please tell if there's a story with them
tomytieneblas74 Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome, even though it's an OC !
luckcharm Dec 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Damn. Almost thought she was a real character.... I'm seriously confused if she is real or not :iconwhutplz:
She's just my oc lol xDDD
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