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July 20, 2012
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JEN'S FIRST CRUSH GROWING UP. Danny's 4 years older than her, and has a brother a year younger than her. In the summer of his 12th year, he met the Vaughn sisters and was introduced to their father; who had recently undergone auto-mail surgery after returning from the Ishbal War, and became wheelchair-bound for the year as he recovered. Having been fascinated by the prostheses from having previous encounters with auto-mail users on Abelena, Danny's desire to become an engineer only grew stronger. There weren't any auto-mail mechanics on the island, so he was hoping to find a teacher in the city.

The Vaughn family recommended him the woman who had done David's surgery; Joanie Jacobs. After convincing his parents, they came to an agreement and Danny left the island with his mother to live in Charlotte City a few months later. Jen didn't have the chance guts to confess to him before he left.:iconlazycryplz:

Now, 19 yr's-old, Danny's the apprentice to Joanie Jacobs, a popular auto-mail mechanic and married mother of two. He's a very honest boy, who has the habit of getting too ahead of himself, and leading him to make some careless mistakes. He's always upfront, but can also be impatient, especially with his teacher. He can always be seen with a band-aid somewhere on his face, and bandages wrapped around his hands from several injuries. He was completely oblivious to Jen's affections when they were kids. He'd treated her more like a boy like the rest of the children had, and considered her as a good pal. He still values their friendship, but begins to see her more as a girl as they grew older. Jen appears to still hold some old feelings for the blonde, but shrugs it off as a kid's crush.

I feel like drawing fluff now/>3</ Oh, Danny, you little gearhead, why u so cute?
Danny Hart(C):iconcookiemotel94:
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gingerhighlandergirl Mar 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oooooooo.............~~~~~~~~~ is there a fanfiction linked to this? coz I wanna read it!!
fullmetal-gryffindor Dec 3, 2012  Student Digital Artist
*drool* I would love to see more of this character please!
P.S. You make the best OC's I have ever seen! Keep up the good work hun!
Thank you so much!;3;
123icoo Aug 14, 2012  Student Artist
:blush: :icontearplz: i'm in love but i'm a flatty
He seems like a really sweet guy. He's also really handsome XD
You're welcome!
chibicca Jul 24, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
He's adorable! The little band-aids make me "aww <3" and the picture on the left is my favorite :meow:

:D I love his design, especially his eyes! And I'd be okay with it if you ended up drawing him more ;P

Your art is sooo good, you inspire me so much! :clap:
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